How has Covid 19 changed the way we work at Ombersley Physiotherapy?

The health of our patients and our own families is paramount so many changes have been made to the way physiotherapy appointments are conducted. We have made all the changes in line with guidance from our professional body (The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy), Public Health England and also the GP surgery that we are situated within. 

To help us manage with the extra ‘paperwork’ involved we have also moved away from paper format and onto a computerised practise management system. 

How to book an appointment

In the past all bookings have gone through the GP receptionists, but now we have our own practice management system so we can book our own appointments. Hence all appointments are now made directly by the physiotherapists negating the need to try and get through to the GP surgery. If you are a regular patient, we will also enable you to book your own appointments online in the near future.


Please call Moira, Penni or Jackie directly
(Please leave a message if we can’t get to the phone)

When we book your appointment we will send you 2 emails. One is a welcome to our practice management system and the other will confirm your appointment date and time. The welcome email prompts you to register with us which involves setting up a secure password (using 2 step authentication) as well as filling out a registration form and signing the consent form at the end.

What happens when you arrive for an appointment?

  • You may be asked to wear a face mask due to the close contact nature of physiotherapy.
  • On arrival sanitise your hands with the alcohol gel provided and come straight upstairs to the physio waiting area that you will have to your self.
  • When your physio is ready they will open the door and call you in.
  • Throughout your appointment your therapist will discuss what they plan to do and ensure that you are comfortable with any treatments suggested.

Pre-screening for physiotherapy appointments

Please do not attend your appointment if you have any concerns that you might be unwell with any infectious disease including Covid.

What will we be doing to reduce the infection risk in the clinic?

  • PPE We will still be wearing masks for some consultations. This is guided by the vulnerability of the therapist and patient as well as the how closely we will be treating you face to face.
  • Uniforms
    We will be changing into and out of our uniform in the clinic room and washing it separately at a high temperature.
  • Hand washing
    As always, we will be washing our hands and arms thoroughly before and after each patient contact.
  • Alcohol gel
    We have always used alcohol gel as well as handwashing and will ensure that this is available to patients to use before and after appointments as well.
  • Air circulation
    When possible the windows will be open to allow for the best air circulation.
  • Cleaning
    At the beginning and end of the day, as well as between every appointment we will clean all surfaces that might be touched.  This will include the bed, pillows, chairs, desk, door handles, taps, card machine and any equipment used.  We also be use waterproof, wipeable pillows and couch cover. The disinfectant we use (Safe4) has a certificate of effectiveness for killing corona viruses as well as being non toxic (regularly used by vets as well where they can’t prevent animals from licking surfaces!).
  • Appointment length & cost
    1 hr new patient – £65
    1 hr follow up – £60
    45 min new patient / new condition – £55
    45 min follow up – £50-52
  • Payment
    We can still take payment by cash or cheque, however we are trying to move towards more digital payments using card when possible.
    Card payments can be processed in 2 different ways depending on what you prefer.
    1- Using ‘sum up’ – you will need to insert your card into a card reader and enter your pin number each time.
    2 – Using ‘stripe’ though our practice management software. Our software only stores the last 4 digits of your card number and expiry date and then securely links to a payment processor using the same encryption as the major world banks to enable your card details to be stored securely and payment done in a click.

If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact us and have a chat.
More details on our cleaning policy and covid-19 operating procedures can be found in the polices section of this website under resources, or click here.

E-mail – [email protected]
Moira – 07846 451 442
Penni –  07795 072 313
Jackie – 07710 232 382