The clinic is situated within Ombersley Medical Centre and has ample free parking.

Full address
Ombersley Medical Centre, Main Road, Ombersley, WR9 0EL

To book an appointment
Please call Moira or Penni directly.

Moira 07846 451 442
Penni 07795 072 313

Moira is also gradually introducing online booking for her current patients which can be accessed through your account.

Appointments availability
Ordinarily: Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.45pm.

We accept referrals from GPs, Consultants, and self-referrals.
You do not have to be registered with Ombersley Medical Centre to access our services. 

What to wear
Depending on the area affected, you may need to undress to allow adequate observation. You will only be asked to remove clothing that is necessary for the assessment and treatment and you will never be asked to remove any underwear. Loose or sports wear is best as it allows joints to move. Shorts can be worn over underwear if preferred.

What to expect on your 1st appointment
The first session will include a full assessment and examination. Problems will be discussed along with treatment and at the end of each assessment patients should know:

 – What their problem is?

–  What physiotherapy techniques will be used?

 – What home exercises or home advice they need to follow to continue their rehab at home?

 – Whether they need to change work, hobby or sports activities?

 – Treatment is usually started within the first session.

Private medical insurance
We have recently decided to withdraw from BUPA and AXA due to unsatisfactory payment terms but do occasionally still see patients with other insurance cover.  We are currently registered with CIGNA and WPA so you should be able to claim back for your physio if you registered with theses companies. Some smaller companies also enable you to claim physio payments back with confirmation of our health Care Professions Council registration numbers.

It is helpful if you inform your medical insurer prior to attending physiotherapy  because some insurers do require a doctors referral.  It is also useful to have your policy number and authorisation number handy.

Payment methods 
We accept cheque, cash, card and on-line payments. Our preferred method of payment is online banking, but we appreciate that not everyone is confident with this.
The easiest way to pay and keep track of your appointments is through our

We believe in spending time with you to get to the bottom of your problems and enable a variety of different treatments in the same session. Hence our appointments are longer than the standard 30 minutes offered at most clinics.

Moira offers both 45 and 60 minutes appointments depending on requirements which can be a joint decision.

Initial assessment and treatment  (60 mins)      £70
Long follow up treatment                (60 mins)      £65

Initial assessment and treatment (45 mins) £60
Standard follow up treatment (45 mins) £55

Penni’s appointments are all a minimum of 60 minutes with 60-75 minutes of time allocated depending on need.

Initial assessment and treatment £75
Follow up treatment £70

GDPR / Data Protection
Ombersely Physiotherapy takes your privacy seriously and has a data protection policy that complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.
It is a legal requirement for us to collect your personal data as your health care professional and we ensure that we only collect data that is essential and relevant for your care.
We are legally obliged to hold this data for 8 years following your last contact with us or up to your 25th birthday.
Appropriate systems are in place to protect your data from loss and unauthorised access.
Your data will only be shared with your specific consent.
We only share your medical data with other medical professionals involved in your care, and your personal data with your medical insurance company if necessary.
We never have and never will use your data for marketing.
You can request access to the data that is kept on you.

If you would like to discuss any issues, please contact our Data Protection Officer – Moira Slawson.