We all practice a combination of techniques incorporating a traditional hands on approach using massage and mobilisations alongside exercises, advice and acupuncture.

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs and often involves a combination of different techniques.
Before any treatment we will thoroughly examine you and discuss your specific problems and possible treatment.
You will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment and will be involved in deciding which treatments you feel comfortable with.

Therapy may include:

Joint Mobilisations/manipulation
Massage and myofascial release
Deep Oscillation Therapy
Exercise programmes
Postural work
Education and Advice
Breathing re-education
Niel-Asher Technique


We believe in spending time with you to get to the bottom of your problems and enable a variety of different treatments in the same session. Hence our appointments are longer than the standard 30 minutes offered at most clinics.

Moira offers both 45 and 60 minutes appointments depending on requirements which can be a joint decision.

Initial assessment and treatment  (60 mins)      £70
Long follow up treatment                (60 mins)      £65

Initial assessment and treatment (45 mins) £60
Standard follow up treatment (45 mins) £55

Penni’s appointments are all a minimum of 60 minutes with 60-75 minutes of time allocated depending on need.

Initial assessment and treatment £75
Follow ups £70